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50 Inch Pioneer Plasma TV

The 50 Inch Pioneer Plasma TV Range: Review The Elite 50 Pioneer Plasma TV Models

50 Inch Pioneer Plasma TV


The 50 inch Pioneer Plasma TVs Reach Out and Touch Everyone!

With so many Plasma TVs hitting the market this season, it can be daunting trying to narrow down the options and clearing the playing field. 

With the Pioneer's line of 50 inch Plasmas, you get a brand that has stood behind all of its products with a distinction for quality and an eye to craftsmanship that surpasses even the most scrupulous of consumer's expectations.

50 inch Pioneer Plasma PRO - 110FD

This is by far a technical achievement. This is one of Pioneer's  "Kuro - Elite" lines of Plasma HD TVs. High-Def at 1920 x 1080p, 50" diagonal, 16:9 wide-screen Aspect Ratio. Pioneer's deep, intense blacks for display contrast that is unmatched in the industry. The ability to accept 480i/480p/720p.1080i and TRUE 1080p 24fps signals.

Pioneer's engineers created the Kuro line from scratch making the blackest of a black screen canvas. The Kuro screens absorb every subtle color displayed better than anyone could ever do before now.

Everything about this model has been redesigned from scratch by Pioneer's engineers for a flawless experience that was never thought possible before.

You are truly connected with this Elite model.

The 50 inch Pioneer Plasma Kuro Pro-110FD also has the sound to match the quality of the picture thanks to the digital amplifier and side speakers. You couldn't ask for better sound from an outside surround system. When someone walks on screen you might be looking behind you to see who is there.

This elite model automatically adjusts the contrast and subtle color variance perfectly. Not only does it adjust to your preferences, but also to the surrounding ambiance and environment.

Nothing like this has existed before now so it cannot honestly be compared to any other plasma TV on the market. It is a one of a kind experience that is not just seen but felt on an emotional level.

This Elite line model has a suggested price at around $6,000 USD making it the most distinguished, ultimate experience you can find in a 50 inch plasma TV period.

50 inch PDP5010FD Pioneer Plasma

This model's expansive 50" screen display gives you a 16: 9 wide-screen aspect ratio with intense, deep black for ultimate detail. It also has enhanced contrast filtering for the best picture quality, even in bright daylight conditions.

The PDP5010FD Pioneer Plasma TV is another one of Pioneer's brightest stars loaded with features that are hard to find in other models on the market today. From its ASIC video processing and scaling, it brings you the best in Standard and High Definition video. It sports Advanced PureCinema technology for precise playback of content for a smooth transition. This model also includes an Optimum Video Mode with an optical light sensor for automatic adjustment of the picture in different light conditions and program content. The price for this top of the line performer is listed at just under $5,000 USD.

50 inch Pioneer PDP-5080 HD Plasma Kuro

With Pioneer's Kuro PDP-5080 HD 50 inch Plasma you will be getting the richest, most detailed picture experience anyone has ever seen before.  The display creates a clean, detailed image that removes almost all of the video noise from its anti-reflective screen. The depth and imagery almost brings you right into the 1365 x 768 resolution.

50 inch Pioneer Plasma The Kuro PDP- 5080 HD is one of the sleekest models you will find in a plasma TV today. It has removable speaker, excellent connections with up to four HDMI inputs and a PC input. It is Cable Card equipped with TV Guide EPG for excellent program resourcing. The price range for this outstanding model is suggested at around $3,900 USD.

50 inch Pioneer PRO - FHD1 50" Plasma HDTV

With 2,073,600 pixels processing through the Pure Drive II Signal Processing system you get one of the best pictures available. This model also has dual HDMI inputs for excellent connectivity to those other components for the ultimate home theater experience. What makes this model attractive is Pioneer's advance technology at a price tag that is appealing at around $3,500 USD.


50 Inch Pioneer Plasma TV

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