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50 Inch Plasma Samsung TV

The 50 Inch Plasma Samsung TV Range: A 50 Samsung TV Review Of Popular Models

50 Inch Plasma Samsung TV

 If you are looking for a plasma television with great resolution, the 50 inch FP – T5094W plasma Samsung TV offers you a 1080p full high definition experience that is also known to be the highest resolution that one can own on any plasma screen. Here you will you have twice the amount of pixels compared to your conventional high definition display. The Samsung 50 inch TV offers you clarity, detail and depth that you will not get from any other plasma screen, all in one television.

One of the features of the Samsung 5084 50 inch plasma TV is the Ultra FilterBright, which is the Super Black panel that has an additional light-filter that blocks all unwanted external light, and at the same time, exposes maximum internal-light. This simply means that when the picture looks washed during your daytime viewing, you can always expect the colors to be vibrant and bright, and blacks will always remain deep. Also, you don’t have to worry too much about covering the window with more than the curtain when you are watching something on TV.

When considering the 50 inch plasma Samsung TV, think about one that has a Natural True-Color feature. The algorithm is unique to Samsung, and this is one of the things that make it the best product. Natural True-Color balances the mix of colors and this ensures white remains white and are not tinted with any other color. Other colors remain vibrant and rich. In conclusion, the final image that is displayed on-screen replicates the source, keeping it as close to the real thing as possible.

If the 50 inch plasma Samsung TV you are considering bears the industry HD Tick logo, you can be certain that you are purchasing a high quality screen for your home. In order for the display device to qualify for the HD Tick, the product has to include the integrated high definition digital tuner, and this simply means that the screen must be able to display 720-vertical lines minimum, or (720p), and also support HDMI, which is needed for high quality-digital transmission.   

Another great feature of the 50 inch plasma Samsung TV is the Silhouette Editor, and this ensures the image’s shape and its tone remain sharp at all times. Even those scenes that are fast moving, noises and/or any contour lines can distort due to-the delayed reaction time when image areas jump from dark to bright, and vice versa. Silhouette Editor detects contours, estimates movement, and also adjusts tone.

Everybody enjoys spending a Saturday afternoon at home with the family to watch movies. With the Movie Mode on most of the 50 inch plasma Samsung TV’s, you can give color temperature to your movies, bringing it unnoticeably close to that of a cinema projector. When you choose Dynamic Mode, all intense action movies can be enjoyed, bringing the cinema right to your living room.     

For teenagers and all those serious gamers, the PS50Q91 50 inch plasma Samsung TV provides a Game Mode option that, when activated, dark areas are amplified, low frequencies are increased and the game console’s response time is shortened. This creates an environment a gamer just cannot resist.

50 Inch Plasma Samsung TV

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