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58 Inch Panasonic Plasma TV

The 58 Inch Panasonic Plasma TV: A Panasonic Plasma Television Review

58 Inch Panasonic Plasma TV


Panasonic has once again improved upon their previous plasma line of televisions. Adding a 58” screen to the already successful line of products that also includes a 42, and 50-inch big screen plasma televisions. This enormous screen plasma TV has more impressive HD resolution than any other competitor on the market. This 58” Panasonic Plasma TV TH-58PX60 comes complete wit the VGA 15 pin computer input option, and everything leading there to. Both Samsung and Toshiba have turned their focus to Panasonic’s aggressive pricing practices for their Models, while Pioneer is focusing on a top rate picture and quality with complete aesthetic appeal at higher prices. Panasonic has been able to create comparable HD products to the Pioneer quality while lacking in the less necessary extra features, making it a truly competitive product. Panasonic is the only plasma manufacture that is producing such quality with incredible pricing.

The presentation with the 58” Panasonic Plasma TV is one of the most incredible displays of technological achievement available on the market today. There is incredible transition between light and active scenes to dark subdued scenes, with out a display of banding patterns typically seen in HD dark scene shots with other competitors. This transition from dark to light and back to dark moving flawlessly can be attributed to the thousands of shade gradations that are part of the standard design of this plasma tv. This highlight of the 58” Panasonic Plasma TV sets itself apart from other 2nd tier plasma televisions.

The 58” Panasonic Plasma TV TH-58PX60  comes with numerous conveniences from picture in picture to an incredible audio system complete with 2 built in subwoofers. This certainly enhances the sound of any show or movie. Combine the incredible sound with a satellite fed picture, and the viewing quality of the 58” Panasonic Plasma TV jumps to that of an at home theater. With thorough testing, there were little to no claims from Panasonic about this 58-inch plasma TV that was not acutely accurate. Some of the claims tested included over all sound quality, and complete picture display and color ranges applicable there to. The complete package of home theater sound topped only by a full scale surround sound system, coupled with the unbelievable definition and picture quality should entice and please anyone who is seeking a 58” Plasma TV.

The 58” Panasonic Plasma TV can be purchased at a fantastic value, at just over 4 thousand dollars. This truly is a quality and inexpensive buy for the size of the TV Screen. The only quality comparison on the market is the Pioneer 6070HD Plasma TV as it is the only one in the same quality and size range as the 58 Panasonic Plasma Television. Samsung was able to produce a comparable size and price but could not couple it with the incredible picture and sound. The 58” Panasonic Plasma TV is a balance between quality and cost per television inch. This is the middle of the road with the upgrades of the plasma industry with in reach of the average middle of the road customer, who appreciates great quality imaging, sound, and at home entertainment.



58 Inch Panasonic Plasma TV

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