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60 Plasma Television

The 60 Plasma Television: Review The 60 Inch Plasma TV Models And Benefits

60 Plasma Television


Plasma TV has many more significant advantages than conventional TV, and is therefore worth consideration. If you are looking into buying a 60 Plasma Television, it's worth understanding the advantages of going Plasma. Let's take a look at these :

1)Convenience – Plasma TV's can go anywhere

Due to the technology, Plasma TV is not incredibly heavy and the TV sets do not need to be very big either (usually only 2-3 inches deep.) This means that you can place a 60 Inch Plasma TV on the wall, hang them from the ceiling, place them on a tabletop or even hang them above a smokeless fireplace (provided that the fireplace temperature does not exceed 35C below the screen.). The thin form factor has minimal impact on the design of your room, giving you more space and making interior design much easier.

2)Twice the resolution

Plasma TV has a resolution of 1024 x 768 (or more) which is already twice the 640 x 480 resolution of a conventional TV. Whether you are playing games, watching DVD, or watching normal TV the sharpness of the image has been greatly increased. HDTV and the “Blue laser” format in DVD has increased this visionary aspect even more beautifully. Viewing pictures (JPG, for example) on your Plasma TV is also considerably better in quality than viewing them on the PC.

Plasma TV also produces an excellent quality picture regardless of the room light – and many manufacturers have added certain technological features to give you the best viewing experience in this respect.The 16:9 format that Plasma TV offers is compatible with the original format most movies are filmed in, giving you the best DVD experience.


LCD's allow only a 40 degree viewing angle, rear-projection a 120 degree viewing angle, but Plasma TV allows for a whopping 160 degree viewing angle, easily making it the best there is when it comes to viewing angles on the market.

All of the above makes Plasma TV a great choice for home entertainment – especially since Plasma TV also comes with computer (PC) inputs, allowing you to play games on a beautiful 60” Plasma Television.  You can also plug CCTV in to your TV through this feature (and getting a TV card for you PC.)

There are many brands and models available in the 60 inch Plasma television range.

A 60 Inch Plasma TV Review to consider:

60 LG Plasma TV MU 60PZ90C 60” HDTV Display

LG has placed some of the most advanced picture processing chips in this display. It also has flexible PIP (Picture-in-picture) allowing a sub-window to be resized and moved to whatever positions on the screen you prefer. A 1000:1 contrast ratio creates an awesome visionary experience.

Zenith P60W26P High-Definition Plasma monitor

The Zenith Plasma has aspect ratio controls of either 16:9 or 4:3, or Stretch (magnifies and crops the image to fit into the screen.) It also offers picture in picture display options.

There are many more brands to choose from in the 60” Plasma Television range, and it's worth taking a look at all the brands and models available.


60 Plasma Television

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