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Phillips 50 Plasma TV

The Phillips 50 Plasma TV Range: Review Phillips 50 Inch Plasma Television Models

Phillips 50 Plasma TV


The Philips 50 Plasma TV range comes with many added features that are worth consideration. Two of the most interesting features must be their Ambilight System, and their Pixel Plus products. Let's take a look at these two features.

Philips Ambilight System

The Ambilight system is designed to give better contrast, colors and details (overall, better quality picture) that reduces eye strain. The system does this through a back light located on the rear side panels. This shines an ambient light around the TV, that adjusts according to the color content of the TV. The soft glow on the back wall is what reduces eye strain, and gives a better picture.

The Ambilight system can adjust 'real-time' (as above) or also can be set according to the viewer's choice – in a way that complements the viewer's choices in movies or programming. It can also be fixed to green, blue, white or red or even a combination of these colors to provide an ambient light for the TV room even when the TV set is changed to standby.

An external light sensor on the TV also helps to determine the amount of light in the room to accommodate the amount of ambient light the TV should project. A brighter room will deliver more ambient light, a darker room less.

Phillips 50 Inch Plasma TV Pixel Plus

Basically, pixel plus is a video processor on the TV that increases the number of lines and pixels, producing incredibly detailed and razor sharp pictures. Pixel Plus is able to do this with both still and moving pictures. It improves the color and resolution, the picture depth and even the contrast ratio up to 30 percent more than conventional TV sets – all creating a more natural detailed image.

Other Picture Enhancements

Philips also includes what they call “Full Active Control” which analyzes the signal coming to the TV and adjusts the picture accordingly – limiting digital noise, increasing color, contrast and sharpness (at 50 times a second.) “Digital Natural Motion” checks the motion in a picture and corrects any abnormalities or juddering movements.

Some Phillips Plasma Television Products

Philips has many products in the 50 Plasma TV range. One of the best to check out would be the Phillips Magnavox 50” Plasma HDTV. It comes with a high definition plasma panel, digital sound, multiple HD inputs and the latest HDMI input connections. This Phillips 50 Inch Plasma TV has been rated by many consumers to be able to produce some of the highest quality HDTV images.

The Phillips 50” 50PFP5332D Plasma Widescreen Flat TV Pixel Plus 3 HD is definitely worth a check out, with the latest in Pixel Plus technology (Pixel Plus 3) mentioned above. It also has the latest Plasma technology, all on a flat screen, to provide you with the best picture. USB allows you to share photos and music.

The Philips 50" 50PF7320A Widescreen Plasma HDTV is a brilliant choice for a full-featured entertainment centre. It has all the technology mentioned above (Ambilight, Pixel Plus) plus a 3D comb filter that eliminates cross-luminance, cross-color and dot-crawl distortion. This is definitely one of the best when it comes to the HDTV coupled with the best and latest technology. Again, built-in USB allows you to share music and photos.


Phillips 50 Plasma TV

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