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Pioneer Elite Plasma Television

Pioneer Elite Plasma Television: Review The Pioneer Elite Plasma TV Range

Pioneer Elite Plasma Television


When some one in the market for a plasma or flat screen TV of any kind does their research, one name will pop out most often, Pioneer. The Pioneer Elite Plasma TV is one of the most impressive quality pictures, with no gradation or flaws in the presentation. Pioneer no longer has competition in the high end plasma TV department as the only other elite quality TV Sony’s XBR is no longer being made. The Pioneer Elite Plasma TV PRO940HD creates the best HD picture known to any plasma TV owner, researcher or admirer.

The Pioneer Elite Plasma TV is able to do something that sets it apart from any other HD flat screen TV on the market today. It can produce incredible quality pictures from any video source, regardless if it is the clean 1080i signal most others need or not. Many of the flat screen TV’s today are only able to translate the impressive awe-inspiring picture from a clean signal. The Pioneer Elite Plasma Television can create the impressive and encompassing picture from what ever is presented. Even an old VHS cassette comes across with incredible definition and clarity, no other HDTV is able to produce such a universal picture. Dark picture details, over all color display, interlacing and de-interlacing (as needed) as well as the scaling create the most complete package in the Pioneer Elite HDTV. No one on the market today, comes close to this picture quality.

Pioneer created this Elite system with 5 predefined color temperature settings and 6 separate colors to adjust by. However as broad research as yielded the default settings on these are already the best anyone could need. The Pioneer Elite Plasma TV has demonstrated repeatedly that it will accurately display any hue presented to it, regardless if it is artificial or natural in design. The detail from the Pioneer Elite Plasma TV is so crisp that identifying details in dark scenes are evident, clear and obvious. The Pioneer flat plasma TV system eliminates all noise associated with even the most challenging pictures, such as a waving flag, or rapidly moving pan of buildings and other sharp surfaces.

When adjusting the signal to various settings for various movies and TV shows, the Pioneer Elite keep the aspect ratio centered on the focal point of the picture. With 5 complete adjustment settings the Pioneer Elite Plasma Television presents more options than any lesser-priced HDTV. The tuner built into the Pioneer plasma screen TV scales any analog or digital broadcast into the most impressive complete screen experience. With these attributes built in, details from any picture presented are available at home, when once were only available in the theater setting. This fabulous picture combines with incredible 3 way speaker system to complete the home theater feel for anyone with the money and desire to obtain it.

When it is being used as a computer monitor, the Pioneer Elite Plasma TV PRO940HD also creates a nearly distortion free picture. The only flaw to this picture presentation is the contrast, at not point has Pioneer been able to overcome the contrast issues that arise in any HDTV.


Pioneer Elite Plasma Television

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