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Sharp Plasma Television

The Sharp Plasma Television: Review The Sharp Aquos Plasma TV Range

Sharp Plasma Television


The range in Sharp Plasma Television has increased to the new Sharp AQUOS range, which incorporates Sharp's latest advanced technology. Let's take a look at some of the specifics of this technology, and what sets it apart from others. Sharp has well been established as a global leader in LCD technology.

Multi Pixel Technology

Sharp's Multi Pixel Technology divides each pixel into two sections and then drives the pixels to produce more accurate colors, and more natural tones. Dividing the pixel into two also provides for the best picture to be seen at almost any angle, with extreme angle viewing improved by 60 percent.

The Next Generation Advanced Super View LCD Panel

The name may be a mouthful, but it certainly adds value to the AQUOS range. This technology's aim is to provide the richest and most vivid range of color – like the purest whites, and the deepest blacks. An enhanced color filter allows for greater light transmission. This provides a native contrast ratio in the range of up to 2000:1 – and the response time is as quick as 4ms.

Four-Wavelength Backlight System

LCD TV is viewed very differently thanks to this technology. The usual three wavelength backlight system of red, green and blue is vastly improved here. Natural color reproduction is the aim, adding a crimson red to the palette. The Five-Wavelength backlight system is also now available, adding a deeper green, and can be found in the Sharp LC-57D90U TV model.

Environmental awareness

It's quite important to note that the Kameyama plant in Japan (which designs and builds Sharp's TVs) was originally designed to be a “Super Green Factory.” Less energy is used thanks to a cogeneration and photovoltaic power generation system. They also have a significant waste system, which goes even so far as ensuring the air condition waste air is used effectively. The list doesn't stop there. It's worth a look, especially with the growing awareness of environmental issues.

Some Sharp Aquos Plasma models to consider

The LC-52D64U Sharp Plasma Television has a screen size of 52”, while being placed in a very small slim-line design. Sharp has changed the circuitry layout inside their TV's, and the result has been an incredibly slim design which reduces depth by 25%. This allows for the LC-52D64U to be incredibly versatile when it comes to placement. All the above technologies can be found within this model. There is also a PC input, and 2 HD component video input slots.

The LC-64D64U Sharp Plasma TV is all the same as the above, except it comes in a 65” size. Truly a masterpiece in design (all black casing) and quality. Both models also come with three HDMI (ver 1.3) and Dual Component inputs for ultimate terminal flexibility.

If you're looking for top quality Plasma Television, with a classy design, the Sharp Plasma Television AQUOS range is definitely one of the brands and ranges you should be seriously looking at.


Sharp Plasma Television

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