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Toshiba 50 Plasma TV

Toshiba 50 Plasma TV: A Review Of Toshiba 50 Inch Plasma Television Models

Toshiba 50 Plasma TV


Toshiba is quite a leader in the field of HD Plasma TV Technology, and their very high quality HS Plasmavision screens give you the lightest and slimmest HD Plasma TV there is. They have incredible depth of 85mm and weigh less than 32kg. Conventional TV's usually only have a 120 degree viewing angle, however the Toshiba 50” Plasma TV range has a 160 degree viewing angle. This means you can see the picture from almost any angle and position in the room.

The Toshiba 50 Plasma TV range also brings in six-channel Dolby Digital surround sound. It is also able to be placed almost anywhere – mount it on a wall, hang it from the ceiling, or place it on the tabletop.

You can also get viewing from a multiple amount of sources – HDTV, DTV, DVD or computer. A 16:9 aspect ratio allows you to view your favorite films or programs in cinema quality (this is the widescreen format in which films are directed and filmed.)

This is further enhanced through the various brands and technologies Toshiba employs – found in the Toshiba Cinema Series HD, Toshiba TheaterView HD or Toshiba TheaterWide HD.

Before we continue, it is worth mentioning a technology that Toshiba have perfected very well:

PixelPure AT : Adaptive Technology

PixelPure is a video processor in the TV that also includes 'Adaptive Technology.” What it does is it continuously monitors the changes occurring in signal quality, movement and content and enhances sharpness, color reproduction and contrast.


This is a convenience feature which works very well in the Toshiba 50” Plasma TV brand. Picture-out-picture is when the screen is split into a double window and you can watch two programs at the same time. Switching audio is actually quite easy between the two pictures or signals as well. You can watch each picture according to the input signal aspect ratio (so, each picture can be viewed at 4:3, 16:9 – or you can view one at 4:3 and the other at 16:9 at the same time.)

Some products

The Toshiba 50HP81 Plasma TV (50”) has the wide-screen 16:9 format mentioned above, and is able to create wonderful realistic black-levels. The Toshiba 50HP95 50” Plasma HDTV and the Toshiba 50HP81 Plasma TV have a panel resolution of 1024x768, HD Dynamic Contrast, HD Window POP (Picture out Picture), Split Screen, Multi-Window and much more.

The Toshiba 50 Plasma TV series offers you many more technological advantages. It ensures that there are no distortions in the picture and that the brightness and level of color remains at a comfortable and quality level at all times. Plasma TV also ensures that images are not blurred when there is fast movement on the screen. All of this provides a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience.


Toshiba 50 Plasma TV

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